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Hello! My name is Mihai. Welcome! Yours is ... *

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Thank you, {{answer_sczC}}!

First of all, 3 promises on my part:

1. Your individual responses are 100% confidential and will not be sold or given to any party.

2. Your individual responses will only be used for general, group, never for individual analysis.

3. There are no and correct or incorrect answers to this study. The only answers we accept are the authentic ones. *

First questions are for warming up.

{{answer_sczC}}, your feel like a? *

Graduated? *

Your personal yearly income: *

You live *

All set, now! We can start the study. 

Let me tell you from the very beginning what it is about. We will pass together through 3 parts, each with its specificity and role.

Part 1: About You;
Part 2: You will evaluate a company or brand (at your choice);
Part 3: About you when you are a customer.

After completing the questionnaire, you will get a customized version of your answers. *

{{answer_sczC}}, which Generation are You? *

Take some time to remember a nice moment from childhood and write only one word that  describes it best.

{{answer_sczC}}, think of yourself. What are the principles guiding you every day? What do you really care about when it comes to you? Choose, starting from the next page, in order of importance, the first three values that represent you.

In relation to our society and its everyday challenges, how often do you compromise on your values? *

(Where 1 = always, 5 = never)
Congrats, {{answer_sczC}}! 
You've just finished the first part: about you.

Now, we are ready to start part II of the research. 

Your time has come: you are about to evaluate as a customer any brand/company of your choice. No restrictions applied. *

Think about the services you use day by day. For example, mobile/landline, online services, banking, transportation (taxi, airplane, coach, public transport), courier, tourism, medical service, etc. But also at those stores you visit quite often, whether online or physical, such as home appliances, construction, supermarkets, hypermarkets. *

Choose a single company/brand and write it here. I will display it throughout the study, to remeber it  together. *

How do you interact most with {{answer_YmxS}}? *

For how long have you been {{answer_YmxS}}'s, customer? *

Generally, thinking about your personal experience with {{answer_YmxS}}, tell me how would you rate it on the following attributes:

1. Constantly adapts to customers and the market, being always among the first to improve the full package (shop / online experience, prices, products, services, benefits). *

Where 10 is "Very Good / Always"

2. Knows you well, so well that you can always receive personalized offers, fully adapted to your needs, when you need it, how you need it. *

Where 10 is "Knows me very well"

3. {{answer_YmxS}} website is built in such a way that it almost takes decisions for you in a way that helps you. *

where 10 is "Strongly Agree".

4. Constantly, things that were dissatisfying in your experience with {{answer_YmxS}} including the services offered, including the services offered, have changed without having to complain. *

where 10 is "Always".

5. {{answer_YmxS}} has the ability and speed to react quickly & efficient to a new offer or service from competitors. *

Where 10 is "Always".

How easy would it be for you to stop being {{answer_YmxS}} customer or start buying less?

Where 1 is "very easy" and 5 is "almost impossible".

How would you rate your experience with {{answer_YmxS}} in the last year? *

Where 1 is "extremely dissatisfied" and 10 is "very satisfied."

Which of the following reasons most determined you not to rate more than 7? *

One answer: only the most important reason.

In the last year, how many times have you made a complaint (for example: phone, email, social media, site/store)? *

Are you thinking about sharing your unpleasant experience with your closest friends & family members and recommend them not to purchase from  {{answer_YmxS}}? *

What are the chances in the next 6 months to choose not to be{{answer_YmxS}} customer or to buy less? *

Think of a product or service you recently stopped using and write it down here. It needs to be different than {{answer_YmxS}} *

Which of the following reasons were decisive (critical, conclusive) when it came to your decision to quit? *

Only one choice. The most important reason.

How much do you regret your choice to quit? *

Where 1 is "Not at all" and 5 is "A lot"

What are the chances to change your mind? *

Where 1 is "Not a chance" and 5 is "Very high/already changed my mind"

In general, how loyal you think you are to the brand/services/products you use? *

Where 1 is "Not a bit" and 5 is "Very loyal"

Thank you, {{answer_sczC}}! We're done with the 2nd part also.                                                         

Let's begin the third and final part of the study. Now it's about you when you're a client. *

In general, in everyday life, what is most important to you when taking decisions?

1. It's important to take my decisions freely, not constrained. *

2. I take decisions because I want people around me to know I'm a good person! *

3. I take decisions because I want to be different. *

4. I take decisions because I want to see a dream come true. *

5. I make decisions only for myself, no matter what others think (friends/colleagues). *

6. I make decisions by making compromises when I know the alternative is to lose something important to me. *

How often do you post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin)? *

What you share on social media represents you to what level? *

Where 1 is "Not at all" and 5 is "Totally?

What do you share most often? *

You can choose only one option, the one that suits you best.

Why do you share? *

You can choose only one option, the one that suits you best.

How often do you share pictures/videos about you and your loved one *

How often do you share ads, pictures, videos of products/services you like? *

Where 1 is "Never" and 5 "Very often"

Think of the Top 5 things you bought in the past months (for example: products, services, dinner at the restaurant, etc.). It is important to be those who have made you happy. Which made you feel soulful, with a big smile on your face. Tell me, please, where would you frame them? *

Try and picture the happiest moments you’ve experienced lately. How was it? How did you feel when someone very dear and important told you, "I love you, {{answer_sczC}}!" *

How happy are you? *

Now, in the end, I leave you with your answers to 4 important questions - you can copy them if you want. They are yours, as I promised - I will use them only for statistics. Hope you can use them differently. Thank you.

About you, {{answer_sczC}}:

My personal values are:


Day by day, the level of compromise I make with my values on a scale of 1 to 5 is: {{answer_mQ4Y}}.

However, my last purchases were:


And when I was asked how happy I am, on a scale of 1 to 5, I said I was a {{answer_Ky13}}

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Thanks a lot, {{answer_sczC}}!
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